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Datapipe Managed Cloud

Datapipe Managed Cloud, cloud computing, manged cloud, Amazon, Amazon Web ServicesToday we launched Datapipe Managed Cloud for Amazon Web Services. It’s a pretty big deal and here’s why:

The demand for elastic computing and on-demand provisioning of infrastructure is growing. Amazon Web Services provides businesses with the largest and most successful infrastructure cloud in the industry. Amazon Web Services’ innovation cycle and service offering is driving enterprise adoption. According to Gartner’s Lydia Leong, “Amazon is already used by the enterprise — a lot. Not necessarily always in particularly “official” ways, but those unofficial ways can sometimes stack up to pretty impressive aggregate spend.”

As adoption grows, so does the need for enterprise-grade architecture, management, support, and operations to fully realize the power of cloud computing. The solution? Datapipe Managed Cloud. Datapipe is the first Managed Services Provider of significant scale and size to offer Amazon Web Services to enterprise clients in a comprehensive, all-inclusive managed services program.

How does it work?

Let’s start with management. It’s the part of cloud deployment that makes a lot of people cringe. It’s labor intensive and not part of the core strength of most enterprises. That’s where Datapipe Managed Cloud comes in. Our team of proven experts delivers an all-inclusive service offering based on our award winning managed services model. Ben Kepes wrote this morning,  “Datapipe is doing much more than simply automating and centralizing cloud deployment, they offer a high service offering that includes architecture and design, forklifting, ongoing monitoring and management, patching and OS maintenance, and change management.” The bottom line? Datapipe Managed Cloud clients get it all: end-to-end service, on a highly elastic cloud computing platform.

Related to management, and equally as challenging, is governance in the cloud. With various business units all using cloud services individually, the C-Suite is left in the dark in terms of budgeting, access management, and strategy. As we previously blogged about, a major roadblock to widespread cloud computing adoption is the inability to demonstrate ROI because of limited accounting and a lack of understanding around the business value of flexibility versus TCO in the long-term. Datapipe Managed Cloud solves that problem with two powerful tools.

  • Simplified billing based on solution budgeting to enable cost control
  • Customizable dashboard management tool that controls and monitors server access and reports on cloud infrastructure enabling a single window into spend and services

Streamlined process? Check. Actionable insight for planning, budgeting and accounting? Check. Datapipe’s Managed Cloud clients can realize demonstrable efficiencies and value under the umbrella of consistent governance.

To ease the adoption of AWS, Datapipe has developed an innovate set of Cloud Accelerators. Look for a future post from our cloud architecture experts who will discuss the ideation behind these tools.

In pre-launch briefings, the response from industry analysts and writers was overwhelmingly positive. We’re excited about how Datapipe Managed Cloud is impacting cloud computing and the way enterprises around the world will do business.

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